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"Fast Company"
at the Milwaukee Film Fest!

MKE Logo Fast Company in Milwaukee

"Set amid the strange world of extreme sport drumming, FAST COMPANY follows the competitors and promoters as they engage in a contest that's half Nascar and half PT Barnum, in order to be named the World's Fastest Drummer. The bastard child of musical drumming and an absurd competition at first glance, WFD proves to be much more."

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Fast Company

WFD "Fast Company" - Short Film Episodes

A documentary featuring the lives of some of the people who made World's Fastest Drummer possible, with a spotlight on former champions and the founding members of the competition.

Presented by Church's Chicken
Directed by Jack Davidson
Edited by Michael T. Vollmann

In collaboration with About Face Media

Fast Company

Episode 1 ~ Introduction


WFD Champion | Fastest Hands 2003 - Eric Okamoto
WFD Champion | Fastest Feet 2007 - Mike "Machine" Mallais
Collective Soul Drummer - Johnny Rabb
WFD Champion | Fastest Hands 2007 - Tom Grosset
Founder of WFD - Boo McAfee

Episode 2 ~ Drumometer

The Story Behind the Machine

Episode 3 ~ Matt Smith


WFD Champion | Fastest Hands 2006

Episode 4 ~ Mike "Machine" Mallais


WFD Champion | Fastest Feet 2007

Episode 5 ~ Tommy "Gun" Grosset


WFD Champion | Fastest Hands 2013

Episode 6 ~ WFD SE Championship 2015

Qualifying Day

Episode 7 ~ The Big Day

Part 1

Episode 8 ~ The Big Day

Part 2

Episode 9 ~ The Big Day

Announcing the Winners

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