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Competition Rules

1. All contestants for both Battle of the Hands* and Battle of the Feet* competitions will be scored on playing single strokes (no bounces, presses or buzz) for 60 SECONDS and recorded by the Drumometer*.

2. No multi or compound grip technique such as: Moeller, Push-Pull or combinations are allowed in World Finals Competition for World Records or grand prizes. WFD allows one stroke per one full movement of each hand, the right hand goes down, "tap", and then back up. Concentrate on the back of the hand rather than the tip of the stick. Furthermore, if the back of the hand goes down and two taps are made by the opening and closing of the fingers before the back of the hand goes up, then it's a 2 note stroke. Same would apply for the 3 note stroke and 4 note stroke. These are singles but they're multi-stroke singles which in the future may have its own category.

3. For Battle of the Feet competition: No multi or compound stroke technique such as Heel-Toe or other combinations are allowed in World Finals Competition for grand prizes. WFD allows one stroke per one full movement in competitions. Ex: Heel-Toe method, which is when the leg drops, the heel creates the first note stroke on the downward motion of the stroke, then the toe stroke is provided on the upward motion of the leg, providing 2 strokes in a single stroke motion. For WFD Rules ONLY: "Single stroke - A motion that creates one single note stroke by starting in position, creating the stroke, and returning to original starting position before another stroke is executed. NOTE: Again as in Rule #2, WFD may open new categories such as Heel-Toe at a later date.

4. Contestants may run as many times as they like during the Preliminary Heats.

5. Contestants' top Preliminary score will be used toward Finals qualifying.

6. Preliminary scores will NOT be used to determine Grand Prize winners!

7. FINALS scores will be the ONLY scores used to determine GRAND PRIZE winners.

8. NOTE that WFD Champions AND previous GRAND PRIZE winners are ineligible for prizes.

9. It is the contestant's responsibility to verify if he/she qualified for the Finals and to be signed in.

10. Due to filming and various time restraints, there will be NO equipment changes.

11. WFD only recognizes scores from Official WFD sanctioned events.

12. World Record scores MUST be witnessed and certified by proper WFD officials.

13. Decisions made by judges are FINAL!

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