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1Mike "Machine" Mallais1034
WFD bass drum endurance records: 13,309 single strokes for 15 minutes & 4,595 single strokes in 5 minutes!

2Tim "Silver Feet" Waterson1030

3Eric Intihar969
Winner of 2002 Warped Tour Battle of the Feet

4Mark Whitaker956

5Toby Miller940
1st place, WFD UK Battle of the Feet

6Hensley Souryavong939
Winner of Battle of the Feet 2006 Summer Finals Austin, TX

7James Sweeney930

8Cody Jackson919

9Dustin Racine909

10Matt McKasty908
Winner of Battle of the Feet 2007 Summer Finals Austin, TX & the Drummer for As Hell Broke Loose

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