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World's Fastest Drummer Competition Rankings

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About the Competitions

WFD World Finals CompetitionIn 2002, Fastest Drummer Competitions began being a biannual event in the sport of Exteme Sport Drumming known as the WFD World Championships. These competitions are held each Winter and Summer and are hosted at the NAMM conventions since 2003. The competitors continue to improve and the fierce competition shows increasing difficultly year after year.

Mike Mallais
Contestants are scored on how many individual strokes they produce within 60 seconds. Each competitor's score is measured by the Drumometer II. Each entry into the WFD World Championship competition is closely monitored by certified WFD officials.

Tom Grosset
The current high score holders for World's Fastest Drummers are Tom "Tommy Gun" Grosset and Mike "Machine" Mallais. Grosset holds the title for Fastest Hands with 1208 strikes in a minute. While Mallais stands firm with his record of 1034 strikes in the Fastest Feet category.

WFD Champion BeltThere are many Fastest Drummer Competitions around the world as international interest grows each year. There are new faces entering the Extreme Drumming Scene constantly and they are setting the bar for records higher and higher. Rankings in both the Hands and Feet Competitions are always having new additions and setting the bar higher for the next competition.

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