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WFD Competition India

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WFD Ghatam 2017

Aarif 414 on Bucket

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WFD Ghatam 2017

Aarif ibn Abdul Halim

Aarif is the son of Dr.Abdul Halim, a leading percussionist from India. Aarif was born on March 4, 2013 at Thuckalay in India. Now he is studying in UKG class in Balakrishna matric higher secondary school at Vadakkankulam. Aarif was interested in WFD and he played 414 strokes on bucket in 1 minute. His School correspondent, Principal and teachers appreciated him for his performance in WFD.

Aarif's Global Record

Event Footage


414 strokes in 1 minute at 4 years old!


1082 strokes in 1 minute!

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